So many graphics-how to organize

I have purchased lots of the graphic bundles and they are in a file on my computer but take so long to sort through and open when I have an idea of what I’m looking for. I know there are programs where you can print out a file of all the graphics you have with examples of what they look like. Does anyone know if something like this exists for graphics? Like thumbnail pictures I could print out with the file name so I could just print a document out and refer to that when searching for something? Thanks :slight_smile:


ooooh, I’m not sure about that. I know there are some for fonts.

I organize all of mine in the following formats

  • Folder would be SVG
    Subfolder: First Day
    Subfolder: 100th Day
    Subfolder: End of School
    Subfolder: Teacher
    Subfolder: Other

and I do that for everything. Holidays would be like this:

  • Holiday
    Subfolder: Christmas
    *Subfolders here if needed.
    Subfolder: Easter
    Subfolder: (etc, etc, etc.)

It takes a lot of time to organize, but It makes finding things so much easier.


I use subcatagories to organize mine as well


I am in the same boat with you. I would love a way to visually see what I have on my computer.


That’s a great idea! I didn’t even think of Subcategories!

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Thank you! I will work on sub categorizing mine. I know it will be a lot of work but right now it is more work for me to sort through everything!


I do it this way also. I always try to organize everything when i get it so i’m not overwhelmed later on.


It is SO much work to do when you first start, but it is amazing when it’s all set and you can just drag to the folder it belongs to! Plus you can delete any formats you don’t need (for instance, I never use EPS or DXF so I just delete them)


I do folders as well. Similar to …

Design Bundles
Or another folder for a bundle
I have a set like that for each website. And if the website has personal and commercial use, I use separate folders. If this makes no s3nse and you want a screen shot, let me.know :slightly_smiling_face:


Really helpful. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


Great question, f1316cd67ab10fc2c6e36087ccc84dff. I’ve been trying to find a system for quite some time – and all the while, I keep adding to my collection. :slight_smile:

Currently, I’m using folders and some subfolders. I’ve attached a screenshot so you can see the categories I use. I am also logging my “design elements” in a spreadsheet with links to the original product. This part has been helpful with the large bundles because I include a link to the individual file and the bundle. Not sure I explained that very well, but it’s working thus far. I’ve included a screenshot of that too – my example is from a Burton Avenue bundle I bought from Design Bundles.

I set aside time each morning before my family wakes up to organize a little while I enjoy a cup of coffee.

However, I look forward to reading everyone’s inputs in case there’s a less cumbersome, more efficient method than what I’m doing now.


I use the program Faststone, its free and easy. I organize my graphics according to theme:
brithdays, flowers, each holiday, ect, If there is an artist that has all the matching graphics and backgrounds then I label them by the artist/theme. You can google it and take a look if that is something that would work for you. Sure made my life easier,


I create a folder for each source I download from. Within that folder, I have a sub folder for each bundle or file I purchase.
For example:

  • Design Bundles
    • Always You
    • Bird Floral Set
    • Easter Hen
    • Valentines Cat
      I’d love to be able to tag these folders and files to facilitate searching
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There’s a great FREE (my favorite 4-letter F-word) image viewing software called Irfanview. It’s been around for years and every now and then I go and check and there’s an update. It’s such a useful piece of software. If you’re in Windows Explorer and you double click on an image file it will open it up. If you’re in a folder of images you simply press the left and right arrows to flip through the images. You can open a file in one of the 20 file formats that it uses and save it into any of the other file formats.

I use the Firefox browser which has a great screenshot feature that allows you to scroll down the page so that you can screenshot a web page that is several screens long. It saves this file as a PNG. Then I open it up in Irfanview and save as a PDF. This is great for making my own copies of recipes that don’t have a PRINT button or ones that have great visual directions.

Irfanview also has a batch feature that lets you load all the images in a folder and convert, rename, or both. You just start it and let it go.

I’m just teasing you…here’s what you really want. It has a Thumbnails feature from which you can create a Contact Sheet and save that contact sheet. So you could go into each of your folders and create a file that is a contact sheet of all the images in that folder. Or you could create a folder with just contact sheets in it with each sheet entitled with the name of the folder whose contents it displays.

I don’t even know all the features, but you can crop and do some editing, some color correction, etc. One of these days I’m going to have to sit down and really learn the program. But once you start using it, it will become your image viewer!

Hope that helps!



*** Update *** I was just at the site and guess what…new version…had to download!


I download the files I want to use in Crello (it’s a program like Canva). I like the ideas in the comments here too. I am going to look into the programs mentioned here and see if it might be good for me too. Great ideas, thanks for sharing.

I wish I had your organisation skills. :grin:

I use Dropbox to save all my files. Everything is saved under one large folder titled Digital Artwork. Within that are two sub-folders titled Commercial and Personal (that way I know what files I can use based on the licenses I have. Within those are sub-folders based by type of file (SVG, pdf, etc). And from there I have sub-folders that are categorized by season, holiday, etc. Ultimately, creating a system that is intuitive and efficient for you is what I recommend using!

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thanks, good info

I have purchased three bundles. I now have an external hard drive. I use a cricut maker. Can I only save one format?

7984ebcef1d49101ef7ba57ec71d4991 personally, I save the zipped file on my external drive. Once I’ve unzipped it, I upload the svg or png file to design space. Then I delete everything except the original unzipped file.

Does that help?

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