Software for managing fonts

Like all of you, we have a rather substantial amount of fonts. What do you guys use to manage your fonts? I know some people just install them all, and others install them as needed - I’m just looking for any recommendations!



Good question! Following here, I’d love to see some of the suggestions people make


I have tried a few different programs, but when I tried High-Logic MainType, I stopped looking at others. It’s perfect for me and has all the features I want, and I found it easy to use. There is a free version so it can be tried out (I went for the Pro version because I have so many fonts I wanted all the features). Unfortunately, it is for PC users only – there’s no version for Mac users.


I use Wordmark and have for several years. It’s simple and easy to use.


Hello Fellow crafter’s I’m new to all this font downloads. While I have amass quite a few, I too, am looking for the best way to organize them.
Especially how you organize the “personal use” ones from the “commercial use” ones.


I am looking for a way to organize my fonts as well, I will try out the programs suggested. Thanks for sharing

Hi! I’ve tried NexusFont, and was “meh” about it. I couldn’t figure out the tag system. Also, it seemed entirely random which fonts showed up in NexusFont and which didn’t - I didn’t feel like I could trust it to show me all my options.

Currently I just use Adobe Illustrator to scroll through my fonts. At least it lets me see my text in each font without clicking on the font. Illustrator also kinda helps you filter/sort the fonts. The best part about it, though, is that Adobe Illustrator also has a “View Glyphs” feature under “Type” which I find useful. But I’m still hoping to find something better, so looking forward to recommendations from others.

I use a5789814a64cadc69564fdff9e7922a0 also, very easy just type in word, phrase etc and it will show you it in all the fonts you have installed. You can then shortlist suitable ones and then compare and eliminate etc and it’s free!


I tried this (High-Logic MainType), and recently deleted it because it was way too complicated for me. :slightly_frowning_face:

I use main type as well. It was confusing at first. But I was able to figure out how to use. Definitely helps being able to tag fonts for commerical and personal use only. I will definitely be upgrading when I am able.

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I just install them on my computer but would love a better way if there is something quicker.

I have been using High logic main type I believe is what it is called. Works well.

I’ve been using MainType for a couple of years. I first started with the free version, then upgraded to the standard version and now use the pro version.


Some of the features:

  • install, uninstall and delete fonts from within the program
  • 5-star rating system
  • fonts categories (I use groups for different designers)
  • unlimited # in your font library (pro version)
  • great tagging system – there’s a search feature where you can select the tags you want included in that search. If I want to see fonts with all caps, handwritten sans, with a whimsical feel with a premium license from Font Bundles, I simply select those tags).

I’ve tried Nexus Font and a few others, but like MainType the best. I’ve included a screen shot so you can see my set up. There may be a better way, but this works great for me.

I’m happy to answer any questions you may have. Take care!

Screenshot 2 - MainType


After looking for a while and trying some softwares I’m now using Typeface. I found it very easy to use and has the features I need. Btw I install all fonts I have but l only have the ones I’m sure will be useful for my work

I tried one called FontCloud. Not happy with it. Changed the names of some of my fonts and I can’t rename then so that I can find them. Will try some of the suggestion here. Thanks.

BJD - Can you see glyhs in MainType? and can you mark favorites?

I’ve only heard of FontCloud. But im definitely going to try MainType.

This is the amazing disscuss!
I I usually only install fonts that are used frequently. Or you can make a font pairing with your own version to determine which fonts you think are good. So it doesn’t take too much memory on your Mac or Windows. May be useful!

I’ve been using Typeface for a couple of years. You can create custom folders to organize fonts any way you like (style, designer, commercial vs personal, etc.), then preview your text and create a narrowed down list of fonts you may want to use. With over 12,000 fonts on my computer, this has saved me tons of time when working on a design project. I have a Mac – not sure if it’s available for PC.

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I use FontBase and I love it. You can activate/deactivate fonts and it plays very well with Adobe products. This is for Windows on my end. Not sure if it has an Apple version.

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