Stalber Font not showing in design program

I have installed the Stalber font and the Stalber Ornament font. The Ornament font installed fine and is working in all programs. But the TTF and the OTF installs to windows and but not to design programs I have done all the tricks to get it to install but it won’t. I am using Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer

Hi Duane! Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Have you installed the font to all users? And after installing did you fully close out of the programs and reopen?

Yes mam I sure did :slight_smile:

check to see if it flies out from the tick mark under the font? maybe the main font name is listed as the ornaments instead of the text name.

I don’t own this version of the font, but I can tell you MainType does not recognize it. I have a ticket into the marketplace I picked it up at.
Did some more digging…
Looks like the font is showing up as ‘Fighters’

Well what do you know there it is Found it! It is listed as fighter Go figure. That’s just silly to do that.

Thank You So Much

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Yeah, it shows up as the correct name in Microsoft Word, but design software has another name. The place I got it from sent a name fix I have to try it. It didn’t come with the cool extra font just an extra AI file full of ornaments.

Glad I could help!