Stock Photo uses?

DB has a lot of stock photos, but what exactly would anyone use them for? I sometimes get stock photos from other sites for book covers, but DB license doesn’t allow use as-is, so that’s out. So I’m just wondering what other uses there are for stock photos that people would buy them for.

Hi Connie. Great question. I too would like to know the answer.

For example, if a stock photo (just a photo not one with a smart object embedded in it) is purchased am I allowed to convert it to include a smart object and sell it on that way?

Looking forward to hearing what is permitted.


Hi Connie, I found the above link on the forum which covers most uses for stock photos.

I was hoping it would cover my question on whether or not we are allowed to sell them if we add additional elements to them (frames, pillows etc) and embed smart objects.

Does anyone know the answer to this, please?

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That link explains a lot, thank you- I guess it’s not anything I’d really have a need for. I guess the Design Bundles stock photos need to be used differently than those from regular stock photo sites, which usually include book covers as a permissible commercial use.

Absolute pleasure Connie. I found it to be very helpful too.