Stock photos - used for what?

I’m new to all of this - and I just recently noticed “Stock Photos” - how are these used - and for what??
Thanks :blush:

People use it anytime they need a photo, mostly for presentations, can be used as header on websites, on flyers, posters, book covers, all kind of presentations, blog posts in articles.

We all know that images attract more attention, so if you have a text only is hard to catch attention, so you use a photo to stop the eye then you hope will read it. That why even on designbundle the cover image is important because if people don’t click on it to see the rest then you don’t make any sell, so is important to catch the eye.

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look for example I used a stock photo of a girl, I cut it out and use it as cover image for my mandala product

Or maybe you can find a mockup image with blank paper and you use photoshop to put your image in perspective and look more real like in this example, Is just a photo with an empty notebook and then I placed the skull in photoshop to fit the image

here I bought a stock photo of hands holding a gift, and it fit great on cover of my snowflakes product


Exactly what ab3f2a503b2d040ad4493984c3f2eee0 said. I’ve personally used stock photos for font cover photos to showcase a font.

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Oh neat!

Can they be used for cards? :slightly_smiling_face:

Do you mean like to present your cards? Or printed onto a card?

Yes you can use stock photos for cards but on the most stockphotos there is already a design on the card. So if you are a card designer you can better use mockups. Mockups are specifically aimed at displaying your own design

I’m new to this area - how are mockups used - is there a tutorial that I can read up on how to use them etc etc - thanks

Germaine: It depends on the mockup in particular.

Some are just regular photographs or drawings (like .JPG images) and you position your item to fit in the picture.

Some have smart layers for Photoshop, and you can click on the layer and it opens like another separate image. You put your pic in there, save it and it shows up in the overall design.

Others will have a layer where you insert a picture of your item behind some other layer like a frame, so it shows up right. Usually you can tell by reading the description on an item or looking at the file how it works, or it might have a readme text file with it.

There’s no one tutorial, but some sellers might offer them on how to use their items or explain how they work in the descriptions.
At least those are the 3 common types I’ve seen.

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Thank you for your explanation - have a great weekend and stay safe

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Thanks Germaine. We’ll do our best. You stay safe and have a great weekend too. :slight_smile:

Are stick photos what people use for blogs?

Stock photos are used for pretty much anything, depending on the license. I think in DB the license is different to Stock photo sites (where the price depends on the license/usage of the photo) but companies also use stock photos instead of paying a personal photographer as it works out cheaper.

I have blank card stock photos/mock-ups in my shop if needed :slight_smile:

I’ve never used mock ups and would love to learn how to use these - is there some tutorials of learning more on using them - thank you


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Thank you! Thats super helpful!

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I purchased the frame mockup. The file provided was a JPG. I opened it in Inkscape, and placed my PNG file over it and sized as needed. PNG has a transparent background so only the image or text will be seen. Does this help?

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As a freelancer, I use my company’s Shutterstock subscription for website photos, brochures, basically anything the clients don’t want to spend money on a photo shoot for!