Sublimation Canvas

I watch Design Bundles YouTube Tutorial on how to create a Sublimation canvas. I didn’t agree with all the advice given. I learned not to trim the laminate because the edges of Sublimation paper showed up.

Sawgrass 500
Sublimation Paper
Laminate Paper
Reverse Canvas
Staple Remover
Paper Towel
Heat Press

I bought the file from Wispy Willow Designs on DesignBundles

I admit, taking staples out of the canvas was more work than I thought!
Otherwise, this project was really quick.
15 seconds to seal the laminate.
60 seconds to sublimate
Less than a minute Stain the frame with a paper towel
Glue the canvas to the frame…

I’d like to try a family photo next.


Love this! :heart: Great job Colette!

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A cute design :grin: