Sublimation Described

Can someone please explain what sublimation is?

I am not sure what is does or how it differs from other graphics. I see it everywhere, but don’t really get it.

Thank you.

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For me it’s basically graphic design that is infused into the shirt. Others on here may have a different definition for you or a better explanation. That’s the best way I can describe it.

Sublimation ink turns into a gas when heated . It “soaks into” your item — they call it “substrates”. While you can get tricky —fir the most part you need a Sublimation printer, sublimation ink , sublimation paper . Your items that you put your designs on ( substrates) will have a special coating on them . If it’s a fabric item — you need a high polyester count 65% polyester at least - the higher the count , the better quality picture . There’s lots of tricks /tips around that . But … the going to $tree and picking up some coffee mugs is no longer an option . I hope this helps ?


Great question, I have been wondering about this too. I did not know that you needed a special printer.

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