Sublimation help

I pressed mugs today, and the ink bled and ruined my mug. The design looks sloppy and the person who sold it to me basically said oh well. Anyone know how to fix sublimation mugs?

The person sold you the transfer and you press the mug yourself? If so, sounds like maybe your mug wasn’t a suitable substrate. Where did you get the mug?

The mugs were sublimation mugs, I have pressed 7 dozen others. Only the transfers from this specific retailer have bled and stained.

That’s gotta be disappointing. It could be the paper or ink. We’ve had problems if the humidity is wrong. We print our own so have a bit more control.

I’m not quite sure what you mean by bleeding. So it could also have to do with how you remove and cool the mug to set the design.



Okay. I see it now. :slight_smile: this happens when the paper shifts. This could be when taking the mug out of the burner or when removing the paper. It is possible (although rare for me at least) that the humidity level is too low where it was printed. This did happen to us last winter.

If you had other prints that came out okay from the same place then it’s more likely technique.

I hope this helps. I definitely know how frustrating it can be.

I just had a similar problem where the design was “shifting” and/or blotchy.

Come to realize the mug needed to be preheated because it was losing too much heat on initial contact and doing weird stuff in the design.

But I am also learning as I go so it’s 99.99% user error for me!

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The design was taped down with heat tape. So there was no shifting.

I’ve used tape and still had it shift. Not that that is your problem, I just found it still shifts sometimes. Inam also a beginner and mess up A LOT!!

I am no expert either, but I really think it has to do with huma error rather than the design. Make sure you heat the mug up, I find that essential as sometimes thre is trapped condensation in the mugs and that will make it bleed. Normally when you tape it down it should’nt shift but sometimes when you open the mug press there coud be
a bit of movement of the paper I have had that happen to me a few times. It is very frustrating.

Because I am using the mug press and heat tape, it has been speculated that the printer must have had a clogged head. But the retailer has refused to help.

Oh wait, I also remember reading that you should press the transfer paper for a second In case there is moisture

Did you pre heat the mugs?

Sometimes it shifts as you remove the paper, its still gassing for a bit after you press

it is. unfortunate sorry that happen but it doesn’t sound like it was the sellers fault. thanks for this post because I am new to sublimation and learning as well.

This is why I’m so cared to try

I’m nervous to try. I’m using the cheapest mugs I can find first before I dare try on my tumblers