Sublimation On A Poly Cotton Blend

A common question in the sublimation world is can you sublimate on a poly cotton blend? And the answer is yes. Today I’m going to show you what it would look like if you sublimate not only on a cotton poly blend but a darker color.


How much will the design fade? Will it only fade after first wash or will it continue to fade with each wash since it is a blend?

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Yes, I’d like to know as well

Thank you

I’m also curious about fading

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I am not sure how much the design will fade, as I have never subbed anything but 100% Poly – however it will definitely fade. I would think that it will fade however much percentage is cotton, since the sublimation only adheres to the poly.

i tried my first 50/50shirt today. it is in the wash now. fingers crossed it works!!!

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