Sublimation Program to print from

Hello, I am new to sublimation. I have the printer, and some cups, Ink is on its way. But I don’t know what to use for a program to make the designs fit on the cups and tumblers. What program works? I need something easy :slight_smile:
Thank you!

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Hi! Welcome to the forum!

I print my stickers from Silhouette Studio, but I have also printed from Cricut Design Space (just a test, it has a small print area, so you may not want to print from there) and my regular print settings. :slight_smile: You may find it easiest to design/print right from one of these.

If you’re looking for a design program, you may want to try using our Design Scape program. It is included with the GOLD plus membership!

Hello Kristine!
Welcome to the forum!
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I usually end up using Photoshop or Illustrator to print my designs from for Sublimation. :slight_smile:
I have also made designs in Silhouette Studio that have came out just fine when printed with Sublimation.

Hi 84be11552abc482432d3787fb2b18097! I’m fairly new to sublimation too; I started in March, but haven’t made tumblers or mugs yet. I’m excited to start making those as my mug press arrives next week.

I’m a long-time Silhouette user (I still haven’t upgraded from the first Cameo :smile: ), so I was using Sil Studio and occasionally Photoshop for my sub designs.

I recently started using Affinity Designer and find the program is fairly easy to use. They were offering a 90-day free trial and half-off the software, so I used the trial to make sure I liked the program enough to buy it. Now I use AD every day.

Both Adobe (Photoshop and Illustrator) and Serif (Affinity Designer) offer free trials, so you could check them out to see what you like better. Or as mentioned already, you could use Silhouette Studio. I’ve made some things in Sil Studio for sublimation, but wasn’t too happy with the colors, so I stick with Photoshop or Affinity Designer. There are lots of great YouTube tutorials for all the above and specifically about tumblers and mugs.

Looking forward to seeing your creations!

I use Silhouette Business Edition for all my designs, including sublimation. I love the software and it is pretty extensive in what you can do to create and design. Love it.

I know this post is about 6 months old, but … I have noticed that Design Bundles has templates for designing your own sublimation tumblers and mugs. I’m thinking of investing in this, myself, so there is less guesswork. The files seem to be SVG based, so they should work with Photoshop and Illustrator. Sublimation isn’t cheap. :upside_down_face: