Sublimation VS Screen Printing

What type of sublimation printers do you use?
What do you like most about sublimation?
Any issues?


Screen Printing
What made you choose screen printing?
What do you like most?
Any issues?


I’m a screen printer. I love it! It’s a learning curve to do it right with burning screens, lining up prints, picking the proper ink, etc. but so worth it. I chose it over sublimation because I feel like you can do it on more media (as long as you learn ink types, drying times, etc.).

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I would love to learn to do screens!

I’ve never actually tried sublimation but it does look interesting!
I did a lot of screen printing as part of my university course. It can take some getting your head around layering up correctly but I really enjoyed it. I also love the little imperfections you get from screen printing. Each print can be ever so slightly different.

I do wish I could do more- I sub and am so limited by poly count!

Hey Brittany,

I think both Sublimation & Screen Printing are great options, but depending on your work area and life, one may be better than the other.

As for both options, a HUGE plus is there’s ‘no weeding’ required-- unlike vinyl.

For my lifestyle, as a mother of two nosey toddlers-- little time, small workspace, I chose the Sawgrass 500, a sublimation printer.

Screen printing requires space, paint and a little mess.
The paint can go on cotton and a larger variety of materials.

Sawgrass (Sublimation) Printers are printers-- It requires specific sublimation paper & ink
Only to be applied to limited materials- such as polyester (50% and up)
You cannot apply it to 100% Cotton-- without a formula.
It doesn’t show up as vibrant as screen printing.
It takes longer under a heat press, than a screen print transfer.
You can’t print in white ink with a Sawgrass.
You can’t sublimate on a black t-shirt-- unless bleached.

There are several downsides to sublimation, but I’m very happy with it.
It prints well on neoprene, metal, 100% polyester, and MDF.

I’ve sublimated on mouse pads, puzzles, sleep masks, phone grips, and car coasters.


Thank you for all that info Colette! :heart: Very much appreciated!

I actually love screen printing. I even ran a screen printing business about a hundred years ago it seems. I’ve never forgotten the skills.
I like the art of it. The satisfaction.

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Hello Robert, welcome to the forum! :smiley:

Thank you for your input! I recently started buying screen print transfers and I am so satisfied with them! So much easier than weeding vinyl! LOL.