Substitute for Adobe Bridge that will pick up keywords

Is there any substitute for Adobe Bridge that will find the keywords that I’ve added with Bridge? I added keywords to almost all the graphics I’ve gotten from Design Bundles and the other sites, and now Bridge is acting up and I can’t search anything. If I search with the “non-indexed files” checked, it freezes up and never unfreezes, and if I search only indexed files, it doesn’t find anything, even in folders I KNOW are keyworded and indexed. I purged that cache, which means I have to re-index everything, and it keeps freezing up when I try to do that too! I’ve wasted HOURS trying to get this stupid thing to work!
I don’t know what suddenly got into Adobe. I’ve been using CS5 for years with no problems, and there shouldn’t be any updates that could mess things up. But now Photoshop won’t recognize my dedicated video card, and Bridge won’t work at all! I haven’t even dared to try Illustrator- I can only imagine what problems I’ll have with that!