Suggestion for another Plus Category

I’ve got a suggestion for backgrounds and stuff from the Plus category. Creative Fabrica has a special POD license, where you can pay extra money and get graphics that can be used directly on POD sites without transformation. Perhaps DB could have a Plus section for something similar, such as the backgrounds and digital papers with a special KDP license to use directly on book covers as-is, say for 5-10 credits a listing instead of 1 credit. I’ve written to support before to ask about book covers and got the OK, but it would be more peace of mind not to have to worry about how much change is necessary in any particular instance.

Hi Connie,

Print on Demand is intended for artists to use their own work on physical products. So to be able to use someone else’s work, I feel it’s great that it needs to be significantly different to be fair to the artists who worked hard on making that design.

I see your point, and on sites like Zazzle I always make my own designs, even when I use purchased graphics, because I wouldn’t be able to call myself an artist or designer otherwise. But KDP is a whole different venue- the main value is the interior content of the books, and the cover is just to catch the eye of the shoppers on Amazon. So after spending many hours on unique interiors, I don’t mind at all paying extra for a direct POD license on Creative Fabrica, to save time when doing KDP books. There are already sellers who provide both interiors and covers for KDP, but unless they are only sold one time, there would be too much duplication on KDP. But digital papers can be made into covers for a bunch of different books. It was just a suggestion for DB to get into the KDP market.

But that is what the commercial use license is for. I have not read anything that says it must be significantly different. Am I missing something?

Hi f97b041da875680b8807a453705089b4 commercial use is included in both the Standard Premium and Corporate Licenses. Commercial use does not, regardless of license type, allow you to use an as-is design with Print on Demand, a Printer, or Manufacturer. The details are found on our license page: 2e259b86b437dd26468a30a204868c9c

A new license will be coming out soon that will allow designs to have an add on for Print on Demand – but at this time you cannot use designs as is with those I mentioned above.

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