Sure Cuts A Lot 4 Basics - Cutter set up

Sure Cuts A Lot 4 Pro used.

1- Open SCAL4 software.


2- Design the project in the software.


3- The SCAL4 software is compatible with many different cutters. To use your cutter you need to set it up.

Go to cutters > My cutter > Manage cutter…


4- Manage my cutter window will appear. Hewre we can add any cutters you may own and use.


5- Select the first Drop down box ‘company/brand’ and select your cutter.


6- Next click on the model drop down box and select the model of the cutter you have.


7- Next click on “add to list” icon to add it to the available cutters.


8- You can add several cutters at the same time. This is great if you own more than one cutter. Once you have adding your cutters click done.


9- When you need to toggle between cutters you are using just click on to Cutter > My cutters > and select the cutter in the list that you would like to use on your project.


10- When you are ready to cut click the cutter icon.


11- A new cut screen will appear. This is the cut setting for your machine that you have selected.

You will see the model (1) and how the cutter is connected to your machine. You can also select if you are using a cutting mat or not (2).


12- Further down the window you have the option to select what media you are using in the drop down box.


13- You can also select if you are cutting or using the pen tool.


14- You can select if your cutting or print and cut your design.


15- Lastly you can select the number of passes your machine will cut. Once you are happy you can select cut icon.