Sure Cuts a Lot 4 Basics - Knockout function

*Note- SCAL4 Pro used.

1- Open Sure Cuts A Lot 4 software.


2- Create your text. I am using the 8e272052eb1efdc21c672b18d65d05c2.


3- Click on the library and then select the shape you would like to use for the knockout. You can also import a shape. Silhouettes will work the best for this technique.


4- Place the shape where you would like to have the knock out, then resize to fit your text.


5- Select both the shape and the text, then click on effects > knock out.


6- A new window will appear. Select the gap you would like around the shape you are knocking out. I find between 0.05 and 0.15 inch gap is more than enough. Click OK.


7- Your knock out is complete.


8- At this point you can move the shape from the text to see the knock out, and you can cut separate.