Sure Cuts a Lot 4 Basics - Multiple pages

Note- Sure Cuts a Lot 4 Pro used.

1- Open SCAL4 software.


2- Create your design.


3- While creating your design, at any point you can add pages and create more than one design at a time. To create a 2nd design space, click on the + icon (1). A new window will appear. You can name the page and assign a color to it also. Click OK.


4- Your new page will be located next to the first page.


5- You can add as many extra pages as you like by clicking the + icon.


6-At any point you want to rename one of your pages, double click on the page name (1) then when the new window appears rename your page. and click OK.(2)


7- If you want to delete a page, click on the little x next to your page name. A new window will appear to confirm that you would like to delete it.


8- When you have multiple pages, you can click and drag the pages to rearrange them to the order you need.