Sure Cuts a Lot 4 Basics - Text Panel

*Note - Sure Cuts a Lot 4 Pro used.

1- Open SCAL4 software.


2- Click on the text icon in the right toolbar.


3- In the text toolbar the fist option is the view option. You have a drop down list. There is the choice of All fonts viewed, Favorite fonts and fonts used in the current project.


4- The second drop down box is the font box. This will show you all the fonts available. Note the small heart icon with the + on it to the right. If you select the font you want to favorite, you can click on the heart icon and it will add it to the favorites in the view drop down menu.


5- Next you have the Bold and Italic options.


6- Alignment is the next option. You can align your text Left, Centre or Right.


7- You have the size adjustment.This can be changed via the handles on the text, or via the manual input.


8- You can adjust the width of the text.


9- You can also adjust the tracking of the text, which will widen the gap between each letter.


10- You can also adjust the space between each row of text. by adjusting the leading.


11- You can also adjust the Vertical offset.


12- Lastly you can rotate the text via letter and degree.