Sure cuts A Lot 4 Basics - The library toolbox

*note- Sure Cuts A Lot 4 Pro used.

1- Open SCAL4. You will see the library toolbox appear.


2-The Folder system on the left of the toolbox shows all the included designs in the software. They are divided into easy to use sections. Click on one of the folders and the designs in there will appear in the preview screen.


3- If you hover your cursor over a image the thumbnail will enlarge, making it easier to see. Click on the image to insert onto your design mat.


4- You also have the option to change to a list rather than thumbnails.


5- There is a search option too. You can search the folders for specific design and they will appear as thumbnails.


6- In the library you can also access the fonts on your PC. Click the fonts tab and a list of them will appear in the left column and the thumbnails of the fonts will appear on the right.


7- A great feature in the library is all Glyphs will be accessed when you select a font. There is no need to use a secondary program to access them.


8- To insert a glyph, you just need to click on the one you require and it will appear in your design area.


9- You also have a project tab. This will access the recent projects you have created along with any you have Favorited and saved.


10- When accessing the designs you can use the Zoom feature to increase or decrease the size of your thumbnails.


11- You can close the library toolbox at any time. To re access it go to Window > Library.


12- You can also click on the library icon in the top toolbar to access the library.


13- Finally you have the option to login into you account and download or sync any purchased library files to your personal library toolbox.