Sure cuts A Lot 4 Basics - Tracing a black and white image

*note- SCAL4 pro used.

1- Open SCAL4 software.


2- To access the trace function you can either select trace on the top toolbar (1) or you can go to file >trace image(2).


3- A new window will appear. Click on choose an image.


4- find your black and white image and click open. I am using the d295edc121179554158f11bc9a37b6f8.


5- Your image will appear in the preview window. The red line around the image is the cut line.


6- If there is an issue with the cut lines and they are not as clear as you want them to be, you can adjust the contrast to make it easier for the software to create cut lines.


7- When tracing a black and white image it is better to select the monochrome option.


8- For corners and sharp areas you can adjust the smoothness to you will not have as many node for the cutting machine to cut.


9- You also have a detail option where you can adjust the detail when you have very intricate designs.


10- If you are creating a print and cut image you will need to select the add image layer so you import the colour as well as the cut lines. This will be the same case when print and cutting colored images also.


11- You also have the option to show the nodes. you will also get a node count. The less nodes will make the cutting of the design easier.


12- If there is a lot of white space you can use the crop tool to remove some from around your design.


13- When you are happy with your trace and cutting lines click on OK.


14- Your design (cut lines) will appear in your design area.