Sure Cuts A Lot 4 Basics - Using the break apart function

*Note- SCAL4 Pro used.

1- Open SCAL 4 software.


2- The break apart function is great for images that have many parts but are all one image. Sometimes you may only need part of an image or you may want to color part of an image.

Insert your image. I am importing mine from 393121c645a2c4d46f177e8c645d5d72 Go to File > Import. In the pop up window, find your file and click Open.


3- Once your image is inserted, select it.


4- Go to the object drop down menu. You will see that there is no option to ungroup your image. When this occurs you can use the break apart function. Click the break apart option.


5- This will now separate your image parts. You can move each individual part and even resize it.


6- You also have the option now to color the individual parts so you can use the design for print and cut, or even just for reference when you are cutting in several different vinyl or media colors.