Sure Cuts A Lot 4 Basics - Welding

*note - SCAL4 pro used.

1- Open SCAL4 software.


2- In SCAL4 there are 2 different ways you can weld something. You can temporary weld images or you can weld them as a union where they cannot be changed once saved.

3- First create the design you want to weld. We will go through how to temporary weld first.


4- Select both image that you want welded together.


5- Click on the style icon (1), then in the style panel you will see a little box with weld. tick the weld box. The image will not look any different.


6- Click on the preview icon As you can see in the preview screen your shapes have been welded as far as cutting the design, but you can also see both shapes. The red line is the cut line. During the temp weld you can move your shapes but when you go to cut they will cut as a welded file.


7- Lets try a Union or permanent weld. Create your image. I am using text this time that i would like to weld. (remember with text you need to ungroup the text first then weld.)


8- If you click on the preview icon you will see that each letter is overlapped.If we cut now each letter would cut separate.


9- To weld Select all the letters together.


10- Go to Path > Union.


11- your image/text is now welded. Click on the preview screen to see that if we cut now it would be one full word not individual letters.


12- While in the design space you can click the undo icon to undo your weld.


13- You can see in preview that the undo has reverted the welding of the letters.


14- Once you save your file with welded images/text they will be permanently welded. If you go and open your file that you saved you can see this.


15- In the preview screen you can see that it is still welded. And you will not be able to revert back to unwelded.

This is where the temporary weld function can be useful.