SVG won't upload to design space

Why won’t my SVG file upload to Cricut Design Space?

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For some users running Cricut Design Space in a browser, there is a bug where the program will give an error message on a valid SVG file. However if you switch to using Firefox as your browser, the file uploads without issue.

If you are receiving an error message when uploading an SVG file to Design Space, I recommend launching Firefox instead and opening Design Space from there. The majority of the time, this fixes the issue. To launch Design Space from your Firefox browser, open Firefox and go to the URL below:

If you don’t already have Firefox, this is a free browser that can be downloaded here:

The other solution is to use the desktop version of Design Space that does not run from a browser. (Design Space for Windows or Design Space for Mac.) The SVG bug seems to have been fixed on the desktop version of their software.

That’s because Cricut no longer supports the browser version of Design Space. They’re asking all users to download the program/use the desktop version.

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But even when the only option was the browser version, it still didn’t work right for some users. (I was one of those unlucky users and Cricut never let me upload SVG files if I was running it in anything other than Firefox).

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