SVGs Showing as Internet Browsers

Did you know that sometimes your SVG files will show up as an internet browser icon? Or even open in your web browser?

Here is a great article that Missy wrote about your PC thinking SVG files should be opened with an internet browser –


Yes, but what about wanting to preview the SVG thumbnail in File Explorer?

I downloaded and installed SVG Explorer Extension from Dotz Software, which is supposed to combat this problem, and it does - to a point. However, often, after clicking on an SVG in File Explorer (for example, to rename it), the SVG preview is changed to a black background (so you can’t see many SVGs anymore because: black image SVG + black background = solid black square). Does anyone know what to do about this problem?

Hi Sonya! This post might help you out :slight_smile: 300c4fda47850e24720daee2ce602bc9

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I’ve updated this article for 2020!

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Yay! That is awesome! Thank you Missy! :smiley:

thanks for the link this really helps


I followed the instructions above and my silhouette files now show up as SVGs but they still don’t import into my silhouette studio software. Any ideas?

Hello Robyn,
It will depend what version of Silhouette you have. If you have Basic you will not be able to open the SVG files and will need to open DXF files. :slight_smile:

I set my PC to open certain file types in certain programs. Should be the same for Macs.