SVGs Showing as Internet Browsers

Did you know that sometimes your SVG files will show up as an internet browser icon? Or even open in your web browser?

Here is a great article that Missy wrote about your PC thinking SVG files should be opened with an internet browser –


Yes, but what about wanting to preview the SVG thumbnail in File Explorer?

I downloaded and installed SVG Explorer Extension from Dotz Software, which is supposed to combat this problem, and it does - to a point. However, often, after clicking on an SVG in File Explorer (for example, to rename it), the SVG preview is changed to a black background (so you can’t see many SVGs anymore because: black image SVG + black background = solid black square). Does anyone know what to do about this problem?

Hi Sonya! This post might help you out :slight_smile: How to See Thumbnail Previews of SVG Images

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