Teddy font

can anyone help me with this font, the C is missing from the download but I have two G’s x

where did you download it from? I’d contact them, their customer service. from there try the designer.

I did a reverse image search and it was as I thought a stock image. Those are sold one at a time or in a set from the site I found them from( it is kinda confusing with the other listings and verbage). So you can go back and buy the letter C or contact whomever ‘sold’ them to you and have them get it for you.

Set Vector Letters Of The English Alphabet With Funny Teddy Bear

looks like its 12.00 for the EPS and 50.00 for extended licenses( if you’re printing them for resale).

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Thank you this is really helpful, I bought the complete set with a commercial license from design bundles I contacted the designer on Tuesday but still haven’t heard back, where c should be in the alphabet pack is another G but in another ain set the C is there. Just my luck to need the one that isn’t there lol x

ah yes that is them… great price that way too!
contact Customer Service they are quick, and very helpful.

( I didn’t even think to check the mother-ship first, and the spider’s didn’t catalog the listing, its been there for a while… and reviewed fine so nobody use the letter c??)

That entire bear collection is really cute, I could see a story book series easily from them…
Good luck to you!