Tee Shirt maker

Hello to all from Illinois. I’m here to learn something new.

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Hi 21037816772e7776c879bb9645ce803d welcome to the forum! :tada:

We have tons of great guides on our bbad1a2e2e33545e5c0af1f0384c304a page :slight_smile:

Hello & welcome!!! :grin:

Hi Mamie. Welcome from a very cold Istanbul in Turkey.

Welcome, e540560ac314cd3c297c2ad22f2ebfaa! You’re going to find loads of great designs to make as well as tutorials, ideas, and helpful people here.

You mentioned t-shirts in your title. What’s your favourite t-shirt to make? Kids? Snarky? Family? Holiday?

I make t-shirts for vacations and as gifts. When I make them as gifts, I’ll usually include a matching mug or glass.