Temporary Tattoos

I just discovered that I can make temporary tattoos at home with my regular printer, but it looks like the specialty paper is outrageously expensive. I am seeing $10-$20 for 2 sheets on Amazon. Anyone have experience with this? Where do you buy temporary tattoo paper?

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Hi Ashley!
We actually have a guide on temporary tattoos here – 144664a0e9c5645ae91fa7e92d18268b that may be helpful! :smiley:

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great tip!

Hello Cris!
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Ooopooh, thank you for this. I’m amazed at how you’ve seriously already made or have a tutorial for such a wide range ready to go.

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I would love to follow this. I buy temp tattoos to use on my tumblers. I would love to just make my own from home.

Is everything in English only?

Are you looking for tutorials in another language?

Great tip.