Text Basics in DesignScape

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Hi, I’m probably being stupid but this video doesn’t seem to show how to add font? It goes from selecting the font style and size to suddenly changing colour. When I hit the text button I am not seeing any text on my screen, I can’t add any words?! So back to basics I’d like to know how to add font in the first place lol.

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Hi bb373ff153aa138778aca4f099568bf9 I’m sorry you’re right, I should have added that in this one. This video came after our guides on how to import fonts so in my mind I thought I had already mentioned it.

It’s quite simple - just click Load Font and then select the font. We have a guide here: 4b3f95655e05f15876741808e4e26394

If you have any other questions let me know.

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Can you upload multiple fonts at once, or is it one at a time? Thank you for your help!

Hi c35325ffb96ac6cda8cf1a2e0af7ee72 great question! I believe you can upload multiple fonts at a time – it’s been a while since I’ve tested that! :slight_smile:

Not to sound stupid but I can’t seem to figure out how to even type words.
Nothing shows up

Hi e7f7adb39b1ce97f13062a228e2cbfb8 great question! This is something that has been flagged to the developers. There’s a slight bug with the text.

You may need to click the Text tool, drag a text box, then switch the font selected to the one you want to use and it should work when you start typing. If you’re still having troubles with this please reach out to our 98080daf84913d1ccd85177cd3b95e84 who can provide screenshots. I’ve also had better success on Google Chrome and Firefox (and not Safari).