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Hey everyone! I have another Inkscape question. I know how to save text as svg. (Object to path, union, save as plain svg)

What I don’t know is how to save each word as 1 element, instead of being able to select each individual letter. Or each line of text as one element. Please help, thanks :grin:

Hey AugustFire,

Nice artwork.

Select your objects. Path>> Combine (Ctrl + K)
or to Group: Select your objects. Object>> Group (Ctrl + G)


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Thanks much! :heart::heart:

Colette- May I ask you a couple other saving questions?

If saving an EPS - do i change any if those settings in the box after clicking save?

And same question for DXF?

I’ve never used those before so I’m lost. (Again! Lol)

So from what I can gather you are working in Inkscape and then working in Cricut Design Space. You want to make sure when you’re saving your SVG if it is specific to CDS that you are testing the file. (like you are) in Inkscape try making each word a compound path (Ctrl+K) or from the menu. This may solve your issue.

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@ShootingStarSVG control k saved the day! Thank you!

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Nice quote!!! Great reminder :heart:

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@Karin_S :heart::heart::heart:

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Hi Augustfire! =)
Once you have your text where you want it, click Path>>Object to Path.
Then right click the text and select ungroup.
This will ungroup every letter and you can move them around and put them where you want them.
When you’re happy with that, select the letters you would like to be one path, then click Path >> Union for each word.
Also, I always save my SVGs as Inkscape SVGs. I have never had to save as a plain SVG.
Just be sure that everything is ungrouped in your designs before saving :slight_smile:
I hope this helps you!!
Jacki :slight_smile:


@Jacki thanks so much :heart::heart:

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