I hate to be this person but see a lot of illustrations for Thanksgiving that seem inappropriate and offensive and nowhere near representative of actual history. They’re misleading and portray a “relationship” not the actual genocide that occurred. Pretty disappointed that things like this are still allowed and well received.

Hello Ashley!

Welcome to the forum, we’re happy to have you here!

Our sincerest apologies if you found any offensive or inappropriate designs, Design Bundles is a family friendly marketplace. All designs are uploaded by individual designers and we do have a couple teams that looks through these designs daily. However, they are human and do sometimes miss some products.

If by chance you do see something that is inappropriate or offensive please feel free to email Design Bundles customer support team at 32090c4e4f060d8649ec5c55f2cb9f9c or you can even report the listing by going to the bottom of the design listing and clicking “Report Listing for Infringement”

Then you can select “Report Quality Issue” and write why in the box that is provided.

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