The design bundle $1 event

I just reviewed my email and realized that this is a facebook event. Does this mean I cannot participate and see the items at that great price because I don’t use social media?

If there’s a way I won’t miss out on the opportunity please let me know :grin:


Hi f27670f003e068b465642e2d0600c0f0 - this event will be on our website d6b6f9b023e216ab5e53ddbb626ccb6c and not on Facebook! :tada:

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Ok, so 9AM Eastern Time, correct? I don’t see anything other than the countdown on the email which differs from the countdown on the page (which says 6 days). Very poor communication, IMO.

Awesome!!! Thank you! I think I got excited and hit the join us on Facebook and thought “O I hope it’s not facebook only” lol

The page is not live yet. The sale will be on the home page: bf8c5f9cf2b21691d5d0206305605fc4 starting at 9am EST.

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Are there only going to be a 500 limit to each bundle set as I was looking forward to the huge SVG bundle and didn’t make it fast enough as we had a very busy day.

Hi Holly, yes there is 500 copies of every product available unless you are a Plus member. If you’ve never signed up for Plus before you can start a trial here: b513553d9ece35174c2085b0f31da5a2 – then you would be able to get that product even if it’s sold out.

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