Timeline for new license?

Does anyone know when the new DB licenses are coming out? Will there be a POD option for Plus products too?

9e9bfa967cc475f6059ecefc8c34b26c no ETA on the license yet. The team has been working hard on this for a LONG time now, so I can’t wait to see it released!! :tada:

There will be a POD license, but I’m uncertain how it will work for Plus Products. I’m sure they’re working getting that sorted as well :slight_smile:

OK, thank you. I can’t wait either! I hope they do work something out for Plus Products also. Even if just a limited POD license to use for Amazon KDP. I do my own designs for Zazzle, but for book covers, which are really a minor part of the whole book (though important, of course, because people judge books by their covers) I’d prefer being able to directly use the backgrounds at least.