✨ Top Ten Ways to Help Your Craft Business with Design Bundles

Top Ten Ways to Improve Your Craft Business with Design Bundles. Have you recently started a craft business but you struggle with finding reliable information on making your business stand out from the rest?

From files to social media and everywhere in between, you’ll be blown away to hear all these hidden gems that are right at your fingertips. Let’s explore Design Bundles together and I’ll share with you the ins-and-outs of polishing up your business in new ways!

5307acfcf233f0c6165464630b734599Top Ten Favorite Resources from Design Bundles:

  1. Awesome Designs: Commercial Use is included in the Standard Premium License which comes standard for all purchases on the site, including the 302615b75d2e1ea858c235bab2a57e2d, 82ef3edde7f2e0184a1ac3f36b7df478, and monthly 8c9a552f8ad1a64d0aab91f05cacb3e7. The faee34d55883a36021f25bf2e3bb6c13 is also available for members to get credits to spend on the exclusive Plus Hub (these products are not available anywhere else on the internet!) We have a 9c783e69b71cc70d9edb7520c8324ebe that explains more about the Plus Membership.
  2. Intellectual Property Management: Design Bundles actively does frequent sweeps on products to ensure products are not in violation of trademarks or copyrights.
  3. Lifetime Download Guarantee: All purchases are stored on your account. Head to to your a0754e7e9b79895434d19091e693bedd.
  4. Everything in One Spot: from SVGs, to single line designs, embroidery designs, social media templates, scrapbook kits, backgrounds, stickers, photos, Canva templates, and more :star_struck:
  5. Differentiate Your Business: Adding thank you stickers or thank you card inserts to your outgoing orders will make the recipient so happy to receive your order in the mail!
  6. Advertising: Marketing & Branding: Craft mockups and social media mockups are great for elevating your brand. Mockups can save you time and resources and really take your business to the next level!
  7. DesignScape access for Gold Members: DesignScape is an internet based program, similar to Photoshop. We have a great ca630322befc911f0e5fb2855ba590fd explaining more on that.
  8. Business Planning & Resources: Custom order forms, business tracking, planners, and more to keep you organized within your business!
  9. Customer Support, Tutorials & Groups: YouTube is just one of the aspects Design Bundles has to offer to support you. We also have dedicated Facebook groups such as: ae20bdd47a584cb85467ba3d3cd2ceca, 31b80ec77485cc0d834eebd3dd76312a, and the 7124ce5820918c048cd0fd95ab6d287b. We also have an awesome ca92c56fb23a58a955b1c6343af61378, Live Chat (when available, it will be at the bottom right of the website), and Tutorials here on the Forum! :slight_smile:
  10. Passive Income - Affiliate Program: If you have a blog, or share tutorials you can apply to be a Design Bundles Affiliate. For more general information about our affiliate program: 3674ba8e983d6ff8c61b8d664912dc26.

Thank you so much for sharing this. I think I can use these points as a blogpost as well.


These posts, the blog pages, and the resources available through Design Bundles will be of so much use to me moving forward.


Question. When we purchase one of the svg’s and it has the corporate license, do we still need to put on sites such as Etsy who the producer of the item is if we printed stickers, etc?