Total Beginner to SCAL! What's your best tips and tutorials?

I’m a total beginner to Sure Cuts a Lot, I’ve been frustrated by Design Space for a while and heard it was a great alternate option. I struggle when learning new things without a clear guide, so share with me your favourite tutorials that helped you when you started!

Also what are your number 1 SCAL tips for newbies!?



I do know that the creator, Leo, has several videos on YouTube for SCAL. Here’s one: 43ce5457d689cc0472340a189ffd94f1

there’s also a Facebook group: 264c04a3463b75dd03b01effa46f1b1b

Thank you so much Sharon, that’s really handy for me! I’ll bookmark them and go over them ASAP!

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The best thing you can do is to read through the manual.

Granted, software manuals are dry at best and sleep inducing most of the time, but the only way to know what the software can do is to read the manual. You don’t have to memorize it, but when you are trying to figure something out later on you will remember that you read something about that in the manual and know that you can look it up. Even if you just look through the BOLD headings at the beginning of each section will give you a clue as to what it can do.

YouTube is your best source of tutorials, because there’s a very good chance that someone out there has tried to do what you are trying to do and made a video.

Good Luck & Have Fun!
Mark :grinning:

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I use SCAL for most of my designing. My favorite feature is the font preview. I love being able to type my text and see it in all the available fonts.

My favorite features would be the effects menu. You can do things like knockouts and shadow layers with a click of a button!