Totally Green!

Iā€™m new to the craft life in general and trying to teach myself to use my Cricut so I can etch glass :blush:. Came on here to find any tips I can!!

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Hello Shea!
Welcome to the forum! :smiley:
You will definitely want to start here ā€“ b319d23fa6cc85c8390a3617660be0a7
There are some great starting points for just learning! :smiley:

Hi ccef8fe6f83e511c977981cc334a22ac welcome to the forum! :tada:

We have this post on a2f41e57c3f640c2db9a520a7f416988 and this post on 7f4c13253aec8956a143b43ce53460bb ā€“ both are done with Cricut machines. Hope those help! :slight_smile:

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