Trouble with smaller vinyl words

Hey, I have bought a lot of pre-made Design Bundles, and Im trying to make something for a glass, and I have shrunk my saying down to approx 3 inches x 3 inches. However, the Bible verse prints / cuts just fine in my Cricut explore air, but not the Bible verse reference. Since it is smaller, it keeps getting jumbled up, like it messes it up. . How can I get help for this? There are so many wonderful sayings and I happen to like the Bible verses etc. for encouraging others. Thank you! :slight_smile: Kim

Hello Kim!

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When you make the design smaller, have you tried slowing the speed?

I did not know you could slow the speed??? I have an Explore Air? Lmk thx

I don’t think you can with my older model Cricut?

Hello 23099b9dbbfd7381ea04386a8216ee39 :slight_smile:
Here are a few tips I have for cutting intricate designs on your Explore Air machine:

  • Be sure you’re mat is sticky enough to hold your material in place firmly
  • Be sure your blade is sharp and free of any debris
  • Set the machine to Custom material, then choose the Washi tape or Washi sheet setting when prompted. This setting will slow the machine down and help to cut those really intricate pieces.

I hope this helps!
Jacki =)


Hi Jacki, thank you. I did all that you said. When I put it on Washi, it didn’t cut thru the vinyl. :frowning:

Also, make sure your blade is sharp, dull blades snag on the material rather than cutting it. You might consider either just cutting parts of the image at a time so that your cutter isn’t trying to do too much in one pass. Another option is maybe either changing the size of the text/image, or re-setting the text in a different font, something a lot less intrecate/detailed. Sharp corners in small lettering can be a struggle for cutters, especially on lower quality vinyl.

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Hi 63d4c8613eab6163d47b180dd6988c3a :slight_smile:
I’m so sorry to hear that.
Here is a troubleshooting guide from Cricut that may help:

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Does it works for Silhouette too? I have a Silhouette Curio and was thinking about make some vinyl tags to some plastic bottles for trekking (sunscreen and repellent)

Brian. Thank you. But I bought these pre-made from Design Bundles. They should work. without me having to do all that. That is why I bought them. :frowning:

I don’t know if this works for your project, but you could change the cut line to a draw line and write it with a Cricut pen instead and add a “bubble” background shape behind it as a vinyl base. There is now a writable vinyl that is made for joy, but could probably be used on explore also. I’m not in front of my laptop now, but there was a new feature on the desktop version that can add the text bubble for you easily. It will look like a sticker. I hope that helps!

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Often times, sadly, people get software with capabilities to create certain file types, SVG in this case, with the thought that anything they create or convert to that file type will be usable by the end user (you) without really knowing or understanding the needs or limitations of the end user or the tools or software they have. They sometimes don’t really care either, all they see is potential sales/dollars.
From your side/the consumer it’s tough to know what the level of quality of the “artist’s” work is until you have already purchased the artwork itself, and by then, it’s often too late. You can look at or for artists or vendors who offer a money back guarantee, or ask the artist(s) for a sample of their artwork to see the kind of quality of their work.
For you, on this project, you can send me copies of the artwork to eliminate the stray points, unite/weld all the pieces of the skulls so that it’s just one element for you to deal with, or if you wish I can offer you a Ouija board layout that uses the original lettering style for the alphabet, yes/no, and the numerals. The lettering style is a bit fancier than your current version, or I could even use that same lettering style you have now. I can make the layout to any dimensions/proportions you want, with as simple or fancy a frame/border as you’d like.
If you work with Adobe Illustrator I can walk you through the process of doing much of this stuff so that you can do it yourself.
You can PM me if any of this is of interest. I’m offering this for free.
Best of luck which ever direction you choose to go.
Brian F


Thank you, very kind of you. Its too complicated for my brain! LOL

thank you very much!

Can I slow the speed with my Cricut Explore Air? It is an older one.

Try using deep cut blade on small letters and no fast mode

Hi 4b4d31c0a36bbb38863c45c8c2ab72c0 :slight_smile:
I’m sorry you’re still having troubles with cutting your file.
Your Explore Air has a dial on the top that you can set on Custom, then when Design Space asks you which material you are cutting, you can choose either Washi Tape or Washi Sheet. Both of these settings slow the machine down when cutting.
You are cutting the file rather small, though, so it may be that the fonts that are used for the quote are too thin and can not be cut at 3x3 inches.

If you continue to have trouble, please feel free to reach out to customer support here: 1373b0e7734df7242b1c2a4c43447432
and they will be happy to help you further.

Jacki :slight_smile:

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Thank you Jackie, I have tried the setting you say and it doesn’t cut all the way through The permanent vinal

Did you ever get this resolved?

i have never thought of this, great tip.