Turn pics into SVGs

Does any one know the cheapest and easiest way to turn pics into svgs on a macbook?

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Can you be more specific about the “pics” you’re referring to?

If it is a simple 2 color picture/design then overall the cheapest and easiest would be Inkscape (because it is opensource/free software). Inkscape has a Trace Bitmap option that automates the process to convert the file to SVG.

If your pic is a photograph (i.e. with a broad spectrum of colors) then you’re out of luck. The only way to do that would be to open your image in a vector graphics program and manually trace/draw the parts of the image you want to convert.


Inkscape is not a real option on the mac

Why not?

There are a few back end downloads to do and I would rather not run the risk of messing up my computer.

It looks like now they have a direct download for it… it’s in beta testing right now but I will take that over building it any day

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Thanks to your post I went to look on Inkscape’s site about Mac support. I didn’t know they had a new beta version up with a few features I’ve been waiting for. Their beta versions are pretty reliable and far more stable than some “released version” software.

Going to be a busy lockdown.


You could use a program like 9a2907f0c64e91d5d74284011c99cdad that allows you to do so many conversions a day without buying the program.


You’re welcome

thank you I have never heard of that one

What can you use on a phone or tablet to convert a picture to an SVG?


Adobe currently offers free 60 days creative cloud. I know you will need to pay after 60 days, but you can at least try for their software for a longer time now. I love using illustrator for my SVG designs because it is reliable. :slight_smile:


Thank you!

Just offering another simple option…

If it’s a simple image (even multicolor), you can still convert it. Each color will be its own layer. And each individual piece will be its own layer. They will all be black, but you can change it in your design program.


I have used this. It is a good free choice, but as you said mainly for simple image.

Great info. Thanks!

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I have used Inkscape for quite a while, on three different Macs, with no issue. I think it’s a great option for converting to vectors. Someone asked about what they can use on a tablet. Adobe Capture is a great free option. I hope this is helpful!

Try Adobe Capture. It’s free and works great.

this is awesome thank you so much.

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