Twitch Offline Overlay

Hi! Here is an overlay I made for my Twitch channel. I’m going to talk about books and writing so I wanted something that didn’t scream “gaming” and in blue tones because I like blue (sometimes it’s just as simple as that). Here goes:


Hi Julie! Thank you for sharing! That’s beautiful. I love the colours! :heart_eyes:

Hi and thank you!

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Awesome 452e4a203d90c94becd318a06ed443ee! Welcome to the community! :slightly_smiling_face:

That looks great! I struggled making my own offline page, but your colours are wonderful!

Wow this is very cool!
The blue green with a misture of fonts and stars is very appealing.

Did you also make overlays for when youre online as well?
Im looking at getting into making them for a friend, personally.

Hi all new here

I love the stroke color which makes it stand out all the more. Great job

This is great!

I need one! Maybe message me? I’ll pay