Types of Fonts? 🤷🏽‍♂️

So I’m not a super font person. I see something and just go with it. But recently I have been trying to get better! LoL, we currently have a lot of time on our hands. HA! but what I would like to know is what does the descriptive names of the fonts mean and could someone please list the different types? Such and… Type Face - Font Duo - Display Typeface - Black letter Typeface… ECT. What are these things telling me about the font? There are more names not listed. Thanks in Advance

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There are a few main styles of font. Serif, such as ‘Times’ with the little bits (serifs) on the end of each stroke. Sans (latin for without) Serif, such as ‘Arial’/‘Helvetica’ and Slab Serif, ‘Rockwell’/‘Lubalin’ which has square blocky serifs on the end of each chracters stroke. More recently Handwritten fonts and Display fonts add to this. Then lots inbetween, and off-shoots. Such as Blackletter as you mention. There are loads of articles out there to help you. I suggest you do a search and get reading/learning. The history is really interesting and seeing what/why certain styles were used or introduced. You’ll pick it up! Good luck.


I would put “blackletter” into a subgroup of Calligraphic typefaces, each subgroup mimicking a historical style of handwriting. The most common subgroups, IMO, would be Chancery and Carolingian, Uncial, and Black Letter/Fractur…