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I’d love a little craft shop in our town, we don’t seem to have any dedicated shops. Would love to hear your suggestions for online shops with ‘interesting’ finds.

I’d like to source some textured paper, quirky buttons and unusual craft supplies. :uk:


I think this is a brill idea. There is nothing close, close to me and the closest one is hobby craft. I would love a little craft store to visit xx


I would recommend - I use their range of cards & papers for my handmade greeting cards x

1 Like Is good for paper and mireva website for buttons and everything sewing/embroidery etc

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Yes these guys are good too :+1:t4:

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Welcome to the forum!!
Thank You, I will check that out. :grin:

Brilliant Thank You! I’ll check it out now :smile:

I’m a huge fan of Paper and String

It’s better for fabric/felt/buttons than paper stock.

I don’t have any little hobby stores near me either only a hobbycraft and even that’s quite a way. I have used a site it does beads and charms and such.

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Thank You

If your looking for anything wooden ie shapes letters button etc or personalised I would suggest they also have a facebook page


I live in the US, but I do purchase WOW Embossing Powder which is a UK brand. Their site is…

I have purchased several of their powders and they are great. I purchase mine through Amazon. Most of their powders come in a 15ml container for about $6-7. Which is about average for embossing powder. But I found their Clear Gloss Superfine in a 160ml (huge) size for about $10. So far I’ve bought two of these.

I use the Clear Gloss Superfine to make my own colors with mica powder. I got a great deal on a package of 24 different colors of mica powder, so now I have 24 different colors of embossing powder.

Hope that helps!

(expat who misses pork pies and good sausages!)