Use of Cricut Joy

PSA: okay if your a “mat weeder” and are working on tiny decals. The Cricut Joy mat is perfect… and you don’t get all stuck to it


I just got a Joy and haven’t used it yet. I also have the Maker

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well I was happy to see when ran to get dogfood at target that they now sell it and they sell blades. I was wanting this mat to do use just for weeding… I don’t think I can sneak another crafting tool in the house right now lol


Leesa - LOL! I know exactly what you mean about sneaking another craft tool into the house!


its bad enough that I have to explain right now in the back room till midnight - let alone bringing some new little blue box in to explain that its traveling pint size creature of what I already have. :confused:

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Haven’t gotten the Joy yet, but what are everyone’s general thoughts on the machine?

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Same here…I dont have any materials yet for my joy…I really want to try it out…but find myself using my maker still…

I love using the joy for the joy cards !!! so quick and easy when I am using the maker to cut something I also set up the joy to cut a few quick cards to have on hand. this way I am getting my maker project cut and bonus cards from the joy

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I just got a cricut joy I have done no crafts I’m a crochet queen lol and just jumped in the deep end

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