Use Photoshop Brushes in DesignScape

Did you know you can use Photoshop Brushes (.abr) in DesignScape?

First, I’ve downloaded these Watercolor brushes from the Plus Hub :point_down:

Then, you’ll want to open up DesignScape and create a new document. Locate your downloaded brushes and drag and drop them into DesignScape. You’ll get a message at the top that says ‘Brush Added’

You can then change the color of your brush by clicking on the rectangle below the zoom tool and choosing your color. Click ok once you’re done.

Then hit B on your keyboard to get the brush tool selected.

Screen Shot 2020-12-29 at 11.44.52 AM

You’ll see over on the right hand side a menu that says “Bru” – this will be your Brush Panel. (If you’re not seeing that navigate to the Window tab at the top and select “Brush”).

This is where you can select the brush, change the size, angle, spacing, etc.

This is just a quick play with some of the brushes included in the pack I’ve downloaded, but hopefully this inspires you to play around with brushes in DesignScape :slight_smile:

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