Use with Corjl and Templett

I want to design a digital invitation using graphics with a premium license. I would plan to alter the graphic to make it transformative and flatten the image so that no individual pieces could be manipulated. Then sell the invitation file on Etsy, for example. Would I then be able to upload this digital invitation file to Corjl or Templett and let the customer edit the text only (using a non design bundles text)? Would this be allowed with the premium license or would I need to purchase the commercial license for the graphics used to create the invitation?

I’m not 100% sure but I believe that if the design you create is truly a transformative work, significantly different than the original element used (elements cropped, overlapped, other elements added, etc), as long as it’s flattened where the original elements can’t be extracted, I believe this use is acceptable. If you are unsure, send an email to DB and they will be happy to clarify for you. They are very responsive and have answered several licensing questions that I’ve asked.