Using design pictures on website

Hello I am wanting to know if I can make an image library using images bought here on my website for customers to choose from. Customers would not have the option to change/customize any images or fonts. It would just be images for them to select from for t shirts, cups, signs, etc that I make for them. So the item being sold in the end would be the cup/shirt. Which under license is allowed.
I just didnt know if it was allowed that I upload some to MY website for customers to choose from.
Hope that makes sense.
Thank you!

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That’s a very good question!! I’d like to know the answer too!

Hi c8bff889540cff02d41ff641f404f46f, great question! Can you clarify if you want to use the images the designers have made (like the cover photos), or if you just want to make your own images to display options?

You could definitely make your own images to show off examples, or making mockups of example products.

I would advise against saving photos the designers have made and using those on your website.

OK so I am a little confused still but let me (hopefully) clarify what I would like to do. I do not want to use the designers cover photos like they have on here. I would like to just take an image (as I would be placing it on a mock up but not creating the mockup) and putting it on an image page on my website. So my customers would have a place to go see some of the designs we have available to put on items. I would only be downloading and putting on my website the images I would be placing on an item. Lets say if a design bundle I purchased has 10 images I may only want upload 1 of those images to my website not the entire bundle.
I also was going to put a the following disclaimer on my image page.
The following images are not created or owned my us. We have purchased the right to use images for making products. The images are not for sale in a downloadable form.
I am just trying to make sure I am doing this inline with the licensing guidelines.
Thanks for any help that can be offered.

be4e09711da5853cde1048eabde2c948 I totally misunderstood your question!! Yes, if you are purchasing Mockups from Design Bundles you can absolutely use those on your website, as that’s what they are intended for :slight_smile:

I thought you meant you were purchasing SVGs and wanted to use the cover photos from those. But mockups can definitely go on your website. I use mockups all the time in my shops!

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