Using Designscape

Does anyone know why my art board isn’t being created in designscape? I am an Apple Mac user and have tried in vain on 2 different macs.

I am on the $3 dollar the first month plan so am a gold plus member.

I’d appreciate if anyone can help as I watched a video on the software and was really looking forward to trying it out. It’s so frustrating!

Thanks in advance! K

Hello. I’m using a windows computer and I am experiencing the same issue.

I sent message to the Help Center. I am waiting for a response.

I wonder if the server is down or if there’s limited access until you pay the full monthly fee. I hope not because I want to explore the software before I decide to commit.
Good luck. Hope we both get an answer soon.

Also Having issues with Designscape. None of my mockups will load…

Customer Service replied to my email saying there is a bug in the software and it’s been reported to the Developers so hopefully it’ll be sorted soon.

Hello Kathleen!

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Our sincerest apologies for any issues you may be having with the DesignScape software. Our developers are looking into this for you!

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