Using digital papers in Sure Cuts A Lot 4

*Note- SCAL4 Pro used.

1- With SCAL4 you can use digital papers 2 ways. You can insert your digital paper into your work space and resize to your page, then print.

The other option is to actually insert the digital pattern into the designs/text that you create in SCAL4 then print and cut.

2- Open SCAL4 software.

3- Find the shape you would like to fill with your digital paper and select.

4- Resize your shape.

5- Click on the fill and stroke icon, then in the drop down menu select pattern.

6- A new window will appear. Click on the load image option.

7- Click on load image.

8- Select the digital paper you would like to use. I am using Glitter texture papers from design

9- Your digital paper will now appear in the load screen. click OK.

10- The digital papers will fill your shape. As you can see the scale is not quite right. we can adjust this.

11- Click on the pattern icon in the fill and stroke panel. the inserted image will appear in the pattern fill window. you will see that there is a size option. increase the size until it fits your shape. At any point you can click preview and check to see how the size fits your shape. Once you are happy click OK.

12- As you can see the digital paper has now filled your shape fully.

13- At this point you can print if you like.

14- As you can see the digital paper prints and gives the “look” of glitter paper".

15- You can also fill your text with a digital paper. Type your text and select your font. I am using the font Script Calm from

16- Select your text and go to fill and stroke icon. Next click pattern in the drop down menu.

17- You fill pattern window will appear. click on load image.

18- Click on load image.

19- Your digital paper will appear. Select the paper from previews.

20- Adjust the size of the digital paper and click on preview to ensure that it fits your text. Once happy select OK.

21- Your text will now be filled with your digital paper.

22- You can now either save it to print and cut with your own die cutting machine, or use the SCL4 software to print and cut.