Using fonts and graphics for embroidery digitizing

I create and sell embroidery designs. I have read but am still unsure as to the answer. if I purchase a design, am I allowed to digitize it into a finished embroidery design and sell the embroidery design under the current licensing? Thanks in advance

Hello Rhonda,

You would not be able to sell the digitized version as it is still a digital file and no changes were made.

Changes are made. it is no longer a digital print. It is now an embroidery file to be stitched out. So it changed to a format fit for only embroidery machines. So I am still confused. Thanks

Hello Rhonda,
Yes you would be changing the the format of the file, however you would not be allowed to re-sell it under Design Bundles license as the design is still the same.

If you have any questions or concerns about the license you can always reach out to customer support by emailing 3c54002c1b1ed40403f39e7eec4211a9 :slight_smile: