Using Fonts in Cricut Design Space on your iPad

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Two issues I have with fonts in Design Space on iPad:
(1) The typeface names for the SAME typeface change from my iPad to my Android phone to my Windows desktop, and I end up with weird errors because of that.
(2) Most of my typefaces with non-Western alphabets do not show up at all on Design Space on my iPad. (I have to convert my text to noneditable curves in Illustrator or Inkscape in order to work with those types of designs on my iPad.)

The names of the typefaces should show the same on all devices unless they have been changed when downloading.

You should be able to access all of the characters in Design Space, we have a video on this on our YoutTube channel :smile:

I’ll have to do some checking in iPadOS 13.5, but back in versions 12, the fonts all had different names across my different platforms, and Hebrew characters that worked fine in Word would come into Design Space as Flintstone-like rectangles with Flintstone-like-font question marks inside.

Still having an issue switching between iOS and Windows. This time I used the video to type a few Hebrew letters on my iPad, using Frank Ruehl CLM Bold. This is what happened when I tried to open the project in Windows:

This is a view of my MainType screen showing Frank Ruehl CLM Bold is installed on my system:

That is odd. What if you created your designs on your computer using a free program like Inkscape so you could vectorize your fonts and then they should open fine in Design Space on the iPad.

That is basically what I have to do. “Convert shape to path” in Inkscape, “create outlines” in illustrator… Of course, once I do that I can’t edit the text…