Using PAT Files in DesignScape

Have you ever purchased something like the Baby Vector Clipart and you see some seamless patterns are included but they use PAT files? Well I’m here to tell you that you do not need Photoshop to open these files any more! :tada:

If you have a Gold Plus Membership you have access to Design Bundles new program called DesignScape. This is an online editing software that will allow you to open up Photoshop files, brushes, text styles, and even patterns!

First, create a new document. I made mine a square, but you can do whatever size you need. Then I’m going to locate my downloads, and drag and drop the .PAT file into the DesignScape window. You’ll see a little “pattern added” box appear at the top.

Then we’re going to click on Layer > New Fill Layer > Pattern Fill

It will default to this yellow pattern, but if you go over to the Properties tab (click Window > Properties if you’re not seeing that off to the right) you’ll see the patterns have now been added.

I’ve chosen a pattern I like and it fills the space completely. I didn’t have to scale or move anything around!

Since this particular pattern is a transparent pattern, meaning there isn’t any background color to it… I wanted to add a slight color to it.

You can create a new layer by clicking on the little ‘sticky note’ icon in the bottom right corner. Then select your color by clicking on the color picker (bottom left). Once your color has been chosen you can click G on your computer or click on the Paint Bucket and select the Paint Bucket Tool. This will fill in the entire layer with your chosen color.

Since I made the color a separate layer, I can easily turn it off if I don’t want it anymore!

Check out the rest of our DesignScape tutorials here. If you have any questions at all let me know, and I’d be happy to make a tutorial for you :slight_smile:

Mike drop! :microphone:

This is awesome! Thank you for sharing this tip!

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I’m learning new things about DesignScape every day!! :tada:

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