Using the score tool in Cricut Design Space to create a blank card fold

1- Log into design space and then create a new project.

2- Click on the shape tool.

3- Select the square tool.

4- Select your square and change the dimensions to create your design. I am making a gatefold card blank.

5- Using the size tool you can accurately change the size of your design and keep aspect ratio. for my card I am making my shape 8.5 x 5.5 inches.

6- Next we need to add the score lines. Click on the shape tool again, then the score line option.

7- Resize the score line to your needs.

8- Using the X and Y position in the toolbar, change the X position to where you need it. For my gate fold card i need to more to 2.125 inches.

9- Right click on the score line and duplicate the line.

10- Re position the duplicate score line to where you need it. for the gate fold card it needs to be at 6.375 inches on the X position.

11- Select the score lines and the shape. Click on attach. This will keep the score lines where they need to be when scoring the cardstock. Click on make it when you are finished.

12- In the prepare screen you will see that by attaching the score lines they have stayed in the same place. click continue.

13- Place the score tool in your machine as per the load tool diagram. Press go.

14- With both score tool and blade tool in the machine Your design will cut where it needs to cut and score where you places the score lines.