Velvet Pants Font


I downloaded the Velvet Pants font today and wondering is there something special that you need to do to see the glyph’s that are associated with the font? When I tried to see them in my Cameo Silhouette program, I am only able to see little boxes.

Thanks for your assistance!


I’m not sure about Design Studio, but in Design Space I have to access the glyphs through Windows’ Character Map, select-copy-paste. That said, Design Space doesn’t always want to play nice with them and I often have to compose in Inkspace or Illustrator, and convert my text to paths/curves before importing the images into Design Space.

You can search for fonts or free fonts on Behance, and Google Fonts has some interesting types. I like to use Istok or Hind for text or designs that need to be more business or formal. Here are some fonts designs at 85364ec234150cc4d93deb378a9d584e. Look for fonts with the word Grotesk in the name, such as Space Grotesk or Kommon Grotesk…